Our portfolio includes year-round destinations as well as seasonal attractions. Freetime has re-imagined and developed recreation and entertainment in national, city, county, and state parks and beaches, resorts, popular tourist spots, and anywhere else people gather to enjoy leisure together.


Today, we stand at the forefront of the recreation industry providing the highest-quality leisure activities to over 2 million guests each year. Locations range from full service food, boat, and bike rental outlets, to tour experience centers, unique holiday pop-up events; recreation based fitness classes, zoo excursions, and include many add-ons such as bait & tackle outlets, upscale boutique hotel cabana & beach services, and much more.

Proven Business Models

Proven business models for franchisees, resorts, parks, zoos, cities, state beaches, and more. We connect recreation to locals and visitors alike; and work with the stewards of our cities to foster community engagement and build unique experiences.

Turnkey Services

From ideation, to planning and execution, our team encompasses creative services, recreation management, event planning, marketing professionals, and more. We provide front-of-house operations, and back-of-house innovation.

Innovative Ideas

We understand each project has unique goals and physical space and therefore demands a customized approach. Freetime creates models and business ventures that drives engagement, revenue, and matches each specific location.

Experienced Leaders

Over 25 years of multi-faceted experience in specialty retail, recreation, management, sales, manufacturing, distribution, real-estate, marketing, hospitality, customer service, and more.

Engineering Products for the Rental Market

We have transformed recreational rentals by bringing new products to the industry that are safer, more durable, and more enjoyable than previously available. Other large and well known biking companies come to us to purchase our specialty bikes and parts from our full-service distribution center.