We owe much of our success to our dedication to customer satisfaction. Courteous and professional staff is what makes us stand out.


Comprehensive Training for All Staff

  • Extensive in-person training
  • A 40+ page training and reference manual
  • A 27 page employee handbook (articulates all policies)
  • DVD Training Videos
  • Detailed Risk Management, Emergency and Safety training
  • Point of Sale Service Equipment Training and Testing
  • Customer Service & Conflict Resolution Program
  • Resource file box with training Standard Operation Procedures and checklists for all functions
  • Facilities/Fleet/Customer Service Inspection logs, and Training and Orientation Team meetings throughout the year
  • Managers are regularly flown into the Freetime Corporate office for field training as well as our extensive onsite training programs.

In order to maximize customer satisfaction, Freetime uses a variety of programs to measure and monitor service, quality standards, product mix, price points, and overall guest experience.


Quality Care Calls

We collect guest feedback in a variety of ways. One of the most powerful tools we use is making weekly “Quality Care Calls.” These service follow-up calls to customers are used to ask how they enjoyed their experience, and get feedback about the service they received, helping us create a matrix of where we need to focus additional attention. They also act as an auditing tool to assure equipment used and revenue generated match transaction records.

Secret Shoppers

We frequently send secret shoppers to locations posing as regular customers. During their rental, tour, or class they make observations on their experience, and fill out a questionnaire afterward. This helps us hold staff accountable for all areas of customer service, safety, cash handling, and more.

Comment Cards & Surveys

We encourage customer comments through comment cards, periodic surveys, and by offering our phone and email contact information on all customer receipts asking them to tell us about their experience. Manager’s business cards are always available on-site so customers can contact him/her directly as they wish.

On-Site Video Surveillance

Video cameras are installed to monitor reception areas, work areas and/or other generally open areas where employees and customers interact. This not only helps with loss prevention and ensuring safety protocols but also with ensuring proper customer service.