Freetime manages a number of food concessions across the nation, most of which are located in park systems. Offerings range from a variety of pre-packaged food including energy-packed healthy foods. When you pick high quality whole food snacks for paddling and biking, your body will perform better. Our snacks are durable, nutritious, and delicious. Paddling and biking require high calorie meals/snacks and our body’s preferred source of energy is carbohydrates. While it is ok for snacks to be high carb and high calorie, it is not ideal for them to be empty caloried. The grab & go foods we offer are both nutritious and enjoyable. Healthy snack offerings include whole fruit, dried fruit, energy bars & energy gels, nuts, whole grains, high-quality jerky, granola, raisins, peanut butter packets, yogurt, and trail mixes.

For those that want to indulge, we also offer a selection of candies, chips/crackers, and confections, as well as pre-packaged ice-cream. Some of our locations prepare hot food items onsite like oatmeal, hot dogs, pizza, etc. Our portfolio also consists of a complete coffee bar, and smoothie bar. For beverages we offer a large assortment from bottled water, iced teas, soda assortments, and sports drinks.


Freetime oversees vending services at a variety of locations, supplying visitors an assortment of snacks and beverages. Machine are conveniently located, illuminated, and of a design and color which complements the esthetics of nearby buildings and surroundings. Machine are kept clean, in good working order, and well stocked at all times with an emphasis on healthful offerings.